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Welcome to Thieves Market Online Online Shopping Store !


Here are some common questions about Buying/Selling on


What is

Established in 2015, is the leading e-commerce destination in the in the United Kingdom, Middle East, Asia & North Africa region. offers more than 400,000 products across multiple categories including consumer electronics, fashion, health & beauty, household goods, books and much more. New categories are constantly evaluated and launched all the time.

How many visitors does website receive? is visited by millions of customers on a daily basis.

What is the profile of Customers?’s Customers are spread across all demographics with a concentration in the core regions of the UAE, KSA, Egypt and Kuwait.

How does selling on work?

Selling on is very easy and requires no upfront listing fees. You can start with just a few clicks. Just visit on page How It Works and start selling.

What countries does operate in? is available in UK, UAE, USA, India and China.

Can I sell internationally on



How much do I need to pay to list my products on

There is NO set up or product listing fee on

How much do I need to pay in commission fees for products sold on

Please visit our page which gives details about the commission structure for full details via Selling Fees.


How do I register?

Click “Register” on the upper left corner of any page on or click

I already have an account with, do I need to register again to sell?

You need different account for both buying and selling.


How do I login?

Click “Sign in” on the upper left corner of any page of or via

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Click "Sign in" on upper left corner of any page, then click "Forgot your password?" and enter the email address you used to register. We will send you an email with instructions for resetting your password.


What should I keep in mind while listing for the first time?

Visit the product listing guidelines page by clicking

How to best describe items I’m selling?

To best describe the item you are selling; please mention all the key highlights of the item, unique selling points, functionality, size or dimensions, weight. For further details, please click . When in doubt, simply “put yourself” in the “shoes of your targeted buyer”. Keep it simple and know the core features and benefits of your products.

How to best choose image for items I’m selling?

Click to view the image policy. Though our minimum resolution is listed as 300 x 300 we strongly urge you to submit at a higher quality [though no higher than 900 x 900] and submit as many angles as possible. Remember shopping is a very visual process and you want to display your products in the best possible means.

How do I review my live products listings?

After listing your product will be live once approved by ThievesMarketOnline.

My item listing got rejected, what do I do?

Please visit our listings guideline to understand the reason for rejection. To view the guideline, please click After understanding the concern, you can edit and resubmit the listing for upload.

Can I list an item under pre-order?

NO. does not accept pre orders. Your product must be in stock in order to list.

NO. does not accept pre orders. Your product must be in stock in order to list.

You can list your item in both English.

Can I list a bulky item?

You can list any courier-able items weighing upto 10 kilograms.

How many products can I list?

There's no limit on how many product you can list for sale on

I There's no limit on how many product you can list for sale on

If you have more than 50 products, please contact us at and we will list products for you at no cost.


How does handle Seller Partner / Buyer disputes?

Any dispute is handled through an escalation team which may be initiated by either side.


How do I know when a customer places an order of one of my products?

You will get an email once your item is sold. New order will also reflect is your account under “Sale >> My Orders”

How do I confirm order?

Click "Confirm Sales Order" in the order confirmation mail or you can also login to your “Account Summary Page” to confirm. Note: it is imperative that you constantly check your email for “new order” alerts as you do not want to keep the customer waiting.

When should I confirm the order?

You should only confirm the order once you have the item in stock and ready for fulfilment. Once confirmed the order cannot be cancelled.

How to cancel order?

You can only cancel order which have not been confirmed by you. The order can be cancelled by clicking the “New Sales tab” in seller account and selecting cancel for each order.


How do I package my item?

Pack the product well using a cardboard box & bubble wrap so that it doesn’t get damaged. Remember, the way in which you package your product represents your “image/brand” and also will make an impression on the customer and their probability of a future order.

Can I put my contact details in the package so that customers can contact me?

Sharing of contact information is not permitted and is against Thieves Market Online | Chor Bazaar Online policy.


How do I arrange to ship my item?

You have to arrange yourself.

Who pays for shipping?

You can determine who will bear the cost of shipping. To attract Customers and get more orders, you may want to offer “free shipping” for select items or during certain holidays. In this case the cost of shipping will be deducted from your “payable” amount. Otherwise, the customer will be charged for shipping. Note: it is a good idea to keep track of your competition to ensure shipping does not be deterrence for your offers.

How can I track my orders from the ThievesMarketOnline seller panel?

You can track the orders by clicking on “Sell >> My Orders” in confirmed sales order tab. The complete details are mentioned there for your review.

My Account

How do I read my account summary page?

Login to your account and click “Account Summary” on the left navigation under “My Account”. In the account summary, you will see the amount “Available” to you, the amount which is “Pending” to your account and the “Fee” which is charged to your account for subscriptions, marketing, returns, etc.

How can I track my order history?

To view your orders, login into your account under the “Selling” section at the bottom left side of the page. There you will see your history broken down by New Sales Order, Confirmed Sales Order, Cancelled Sales Order and Returned order.

What other information is available provides to its seller partner?

The “seller panel” also has information on the complaints which the Buyers have lodged due to any issues they have faced with either the product or purchasing process. It is strongly suggested you monitor such feedback and work to resolve any such issues with your Buyers. Such attention to customer service will greatly aid your Seller’s rating. Plus it is important to realize that with the wide use of Social media [Facebook, Twitter, etc.] Buyers have become very focal about both their satisfaction and dissatisfaction of purchases/services. The panel has others details like; buying history, subscriptions and profile information.


How do I get paid?

ThievesMarketOnline generate payouts of the sellers monthly, once payout is generated you can Login to your account and click “Withdrawal” on the left navigation under “My Account”. Submit the amount you wish to withdraw and it will be credited to the account you have registered with your seller account. Please ensure that you have added your Paypal details in your account.

When do I get paid?

Once you have specified the withdrawal, this amount will then be transfer to your paypal account in the next release of funds.


How does return work?

To return any purchased product, the buyer has to fill product return form and ship the product to the seller address.

What is the return policy?

Any customer who has bought from is covered under a “No Questions Asked, 3 day Buyer’s Protection”. As per this policy, the buyers can return the product back to the seller within the three days of receipt.


How can I view my Rating and Feedback information?

How can I view my Rating and Feedback information?

How do I resolve complaints and close disputes?

All the complaints for the products sold by you will appear in the “complaints against me” section under the seller panel. Just go through each complaint and take appropriate action to resolve them. NOTE: only or the Buyer can close a complaint once it has been resolved.


How can I learn more about selling on

There are various classes, videos, and material posted on Learning Center to help you learn what you need to start and grow your business on smoothly and profitably.


Who should I contact if I have questions?

You can refer to the seller support documents and if you still feel your queries are not answered, please feel free to mail us

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